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What Pain Takes Away, I Help You Regain

Your Local Pain Free Movement Specialist 

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What is Fitness for the Future ?

Functional longevity is one of (if not the) primary reason(s) that we should want to stay consistently active throughout our lives. This includes the activities like housework (i.e. cooking, cleaning etc) and recreational activity (i..e lifting weights, bike rides etc). At Fitness for the Future, we want to keep you doing the things you do (and don't) love throughout your life. So if you're ready to start working toward a better tomorrow check out our services and book a consultation to find out more. 

What do we Offer ?

Parallel Lines

Functional Fitness 

Okay functional fitness, what is it ? Well it isn't performing single leg bicep curls while balancing on a bosu ball. Functionality is going to be relative to the individual, their goals and everyday needs. Think about the tasks you do day to day that involve some form of physical activity. That is your functional fitness. Whether it be being able to pick your kids up to play with them or shovelling driveway snow, we train you for what you want and not based on social media trends. If you have questions contact us (info below) or book a free virtual consultation. 



Movement Rehabilitation

Tired of just taking it easy ? Whether you're a recreational athlete struggling with nagging shoulder pain or someone that's worried about picking up their kids and breaking your back, our movement rehabilitation process is here to help. This process involves an initial consultation where you tell us your story and we tell you exactly how we would work with your problem. By using the applicable and available scientific theorem we'll make it so you can what you do and don't love again. If you have questions contact us (info below) or book a free virtual consultation.  


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