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Services We Offer

Parallel Lines

Movement Rehabilitation

Are the tried and true methods of pain relief not working for you ? Whether you're a pickleball player struggling with elbow pain or someone that's been living with chronic knee pain for as long as they can remember, we're here to help. Our process involves an initial consultation where you tell us your story and we outline exactly how we're going to work with you. By taking you through the applicable and available scientific theorem we'll make it so you can what you do and don't love again. If you have questions on what we work with check out our FAQ's on the home page.

Functional Fitness 

Functional fitness, what is exactly is it ? Well it's not the flashy crap you see on social media, which is built around generating clicks and virality (usually promoting outstanding results for minimal work), or single leg bicep curls while balancing on a bosu ball (promoting unnecessary challenges that aren't going to somehow maximize results).  Functional training is about your individual needs, such as what you do day to day. Whether you're a retiree trying to keep up winter maintenance, or a young guy moving furniture for work, we train you for what you want and not based on social media trends. If you're interested in this service contact us for pricing info

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