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Parallel Lines
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About Me

Hello, My name is Ryland and I'm a certified personal trainer with CSEP|SCPE, along with other certifications. I am from Edmonton Alberta, and have decided to take a less traditional route toward personal training based on how I feel I can provide value to the people who love fitness professionals. Many people deal with Movement related pain that interferes with the ability to do what we do and don't love. As someone who as personally been affected by this and And this is why I am starting Fitness for the Future, because I believe that with my methods I can help you regain the ability to do the things you do (and don't) love. Book a free consultation today and lets have a discussion about what I can do help you start solving your problem !

Parallel Lines


2021 -2023

Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma 


A 2 year Diploma Program teaching the fundamental theorem of exercise science (i..e Biomechanics, Physiology etc) while also providing  practical learning experience to work with clients (i..e. Lab settings, Practicum courses).  


Pain Free Movement 


Function First 

This course further explores the concept of corrective exercise and integrates the biopsychosocial model. With both physical and psychological barriers to account for, this allows for a greater understanding of pain and how to tackle it. 



Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology 

Considered the Gold standard for Exercise Science Personal Training, this certification is the strongest regulatory body for fitness professionals working in Canada. 


NASM CES and Nutriton Coach 

National Academy of Sports Medicine 

Certifications that reinforce the post secondary education at NAIT and expand scope of practice to work with clients. 

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