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Parallel Lines
Ryland Hesse Of Fitness For The Future

About Me

Hello, my name is Ryland Hesse and I'm a certified personal trainer by CSEP/SCPE, and someone who wants to bring you a new perspective on how to work with your pain . I am a lifelong Edmontonian, who enjoys many hobbies. Some of which are more creative (music, writing, etc) and some of which are more active (weightlifting, skateboarding, etc). In these hobbies, and of course life in general, shit happens, maybe one of my guitar strings break, or maybe suddenly I can no longer squat without intense knee pain. And although we do and don't love a lot of what we do in life, we want to find solutions for said problems. However in the age of the internet, as ironic as it may seem, we often limit ourselves in our search  and monopolize the marketplace, creating a lack of quality control. New guitar strings ? Amazon. Fixing squat knee pain ? Physio. I believe that competition creates innovation and new ideas, maybe someone creates guitar strings that don't break as easily, and maybe someone gives you the teaches you exactly how you're Never going to squat with knee pain again. And this is why I started Fitness for the Future, so I could provide a somewhat alternative perspective on how you can rehabilitate your movement. If you want to learn more about what we do contact us and we'll send you a free e-guide outlining some basics !

Parallel Lines


Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma 


A 2 year Diploma Program teaching the fundamental theorem of exercise science (i..e Biomechanics, Physiology etc) while also providing  practical learning experience to work with clients (i..e. Lab settings, Practicum courses).  

Pain Free Movement 


Function First 

Coursework that further explores the concept of corrective exercise while integrating the biopsychosocial model. and its implications in how we can move pain free. 

Postural Respiration   

Postural Restoration Institute 

Coursework that explores the role of asymmetry, rib cage dynamics and patterned respiration and how inefficient airflow can create pain. 


Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology 

Considered the Gold standard for Exercise Science Personal Training, this certification is the strongest regulatory body for fitness professionals working in Canada. 

NASM CES + Others  

National Academy of Sports Medicine 

Certifications that reinforce the post secondary education at NAIT and expand what we can do with clients. 

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